The Airship Simon
Pictures of the Blimp Simon

All pictures were taken in spring 1997. Click on any thumbnail to view its full size image.

The Airship Simon
The Airship Simon

Flight Pictures
Flight Flight
The Gondola
Gondola A first polystyrene model of the gondola Gondola The GFC gondola in its plaster form Gondola Adding the electronics and the tilting axle for the propellers Gondola The final gondola (with 4 wooden hull mounting points)
The Hull
Hull A small paper model of the hull Hull Cutting the hull pieces out of Mylar Hull The semi-inflated hull Hull The fully inflated hull
The mounting structure for the gondola, inside of the not yet closed hull Hull Hull A valve, rubber hoses, and a barometer to fill the hull with helium and check its pressure
Electronics Some of the electronics equipment used for Simon
The wooden frame of the horizontal fins
Fins The fins covered with Monokote Fins The complete fins attached to the back of the airship

The airship Simon team

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